About us

SMART EXPRESS FORWARDING is the leading company among specialized suppliers of logistics services for the pharmaceutical industry with a successful 12 year experience.

The history of our company began in 2005 with the organization transportations of biological samples to the leading laboratories of the world: GlaxoSmithKline, Novartis, Sanofi, Roche, AstraZeneca, Teva, Pfizer, Johnson & Johnson. During the first year of our work, we processed about 10,000 export shipments of biological samples.

Today SMART EXPRESS FORWARDING is ahead of its competitors, offering logistics support to pharmaceuticals as well as CRO companies, coordinating the import and export of medical products, materials for clinical studies and biological samples that require special temperature regimes.

SMART EXPRESS FORWARDING has sufficient resources and capabilities to ensure a high level of services. Thanks to certified specialists and our own auto park we provide our services in the affordable price range.

SMART EXPRESS FORWARDING focuses on the most affordable service options, providing flexible, individual, cost-effective logistics solutions for all customers, both in Ukraine and abroad.

SMART EXPRESS FORWARDING is a member of the European Business Association (EBA) – the leading association of international business, which allows us to be closer to our customers and partners in the markets of logistics, pharmaceuticals, healthcare and other areas.

Our advantages:

Our goal:

Be essential partner for our customers, giving them the opportunity to perform all of their most daring and risky projects with our help.